• Features that increase
    your efficiency.

    Features that increase
    your efficiency.

Billoid for Performance Networks

The Billing Intelligence partner of the performance marketing industry

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14/7 Support

Benefit from our experienced support team.

Branch Management

Use one HO Account with all of your branches.

Compliance Control

Stay compliant with any tax legislation worldwide.

Mass Payout Integrations

Pay your publishers time and cost efficient.

Approval Management

Implement your internal approval flow.

Accounting Integrations

Sync your billing data into your accounting tool.

Digital Forms Management

Send, collect and store files with your clients.

AdTracker Integration

Connect your adtracking platform to Billoid.


Client data vs Adtracker data vs Billing data.

Export Functions

Export your invoice data as CSV.


Receive and manage prepayments easily.

Bulk Mailing

Send all documents at once to your clients.

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Smart Invoicing & Crediting

Create custom advertiser invoices and affiliate credit notes with the revenue and payout data collected in your adtracking platform. For clients that shall be billed based on their own reports or who shall receive extra payments, you can modify the adtracking stats before generating the invoices.

Our billing rules method will help you to automatically consider different billing terms or settings for your clients based on different conditions (e.g. per country or company type).

Cash Flow Management

Filter and pay publisher revenues that are covered by received advertiser payments. Once an invoice gets marked as paid, all contained offers will receive a covered-status. On the publisher side, you will be able to filter out and pay only for offers and revenues that were paid by the advertiser.

You are able to define the cover-status by setting up a percentage that has to be paid from open invoices in order to set the covered-status on an offer.

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Track all Changes

Changing the status or the value of conversions is no longer an issue for the invoicing. Billoid recognizes all value or status changes before and after a time range has been invoiced and in case of discrepancies, these differences will be included in the next invoice.

By changes you can understand status changes of conversions from e.g. 'pending' to 'approved', 'approved' to 'rejectd' or change of the revenue/payout.

Multiple Currencies

Do not reck your brain on currencies. Billoid provides you with daily updated exchange rates for over 170 currencies and uses the original currency values of the offers you set up in your adtracking platform. Your advertisers and affiliates will receive only one invoice per period using the currency they require.

Define billing rules to send out invoices in specific currencies for the respective client groups. Set up your account currency to have everything converted into your main currency on exports and within the application.

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